The Complete Wood Decking Guide

Over the last few years, decking has become an increasingly popular way to add some great outside space to your property. Not only is it cheap to buy and quick to build, but it looks great and can last for years if you maintain it properly.

Unlike a traditional stone or concrete patio area, it takes minimal effort to prepare the area for your deck. Better still, once the area is ready for the deck you can build it quickly and it will soon be ready for you to enjoy.

What are the main Components of a Deck?

The main material for building a wood deck is decking planks. These special planks have grooves to aid grip and are pressure treated to protect them from the elements. The most common material for this timber is from softwood trees, like pine or spruce. This is relatively inexpensive and readily available from most hardware or diy stores. More expensive wood decking planks come from hardwood trees. These are often more durable than softwoods but the high price means that they are more often used for commercial decks.

These planks fasten onto a wooden frame. Even for hardwood decks this frame is often made from softwood timber to bring the price down. The frame sits on brick, breezeblock, or concrete supports and the entire lot lies on weed control fabric which act to stop weeds growing through your nice new deck.

More Complex Decks

Many decks are simple wooden rectangles, but you can make a deck in any shape that you want. Decks are really useful in undulating gardens to provide several useful flat patio areas. The decks can even use steps or ramps to join together.

It is also possible to add more elaborate features to a deck. If there is a drop then you can add a balustrade to stop people accidently falling down it. Another option is to add a handrail to any steps to make it easier for the less mobile to move between levels.

Other Features

You might also consider building permanent features to finish your timber decking area off. This might be planters made from decking to grow flowers and add colour. You can also build in a bench for people to sit on and enjoy the deck or a frame to provide shade in the bright sunshine of summer.  We have photos incorporating some of these ideas in our gallery section.

Other Uses

Decks do not always have to be a patio area. If you are lucky enough to have a pool or Jacuzzi in your garden then you can make a great floor to fit around it out of decking. Not only will it be great to walk on and improve the appearance of your pool, but it is durable enough to last for years.

Wood Decking is a versatile building material that is a brilliant way to add extra outdoors space to a property. A complete deck is easy to build and the materials are cheap to buy. This will most often be a simple flat rectangular deck, but you can use decking to make it as elaborate as you want.