Commercial Decking

Not only is decking a great way to expand your home into the garden, but it can do the same for a business and for this reason commercial decking installations have grown substantially in recent years. It does not matter what type of business you have, decking can improve the appearance of any outdoor areas and provide more usable space.


Many pubs have beer gardens and just about all of them have smoking shelters. Decking makes a great flooring material for both of these areas as it is hard wearing, safe, easy to clean and prevents mud and grass being walked inside. Decking is also a good material for pathways between parking areas and buildings or through gardens. Some pubs even use decking inside – it is a hardwearing, waterproof floor covering which will last a lot longer than carpet, is much easier to clean and does not pick up stale smells.

Commercial Decking Example - Bar

Commercial Decking Example – Bar


Like pubs, many hotels also have outside space where decking would look great and be very practical. Decking might be in use around the swimming pool or hot tub, for walkways between buildings or maybe just for a patio area for people who want to dine outside the restaurant.

With even more outdoor space, campsites and caravan parks are even more suited to decking. It will work great in the same places as for a hotel, but many static caravan owners also extend their living space outside with a deck. It is also used to make accessing a raised caravan safer and easier.

Schools and Colleges

All schools have some kind of outdoor space for the children to play in. When there is an area of grass then decking can give the children somewhere to walk and clean their shoes without trailing mud into the school buildings. Some schools even have a patio area where children can play, study, eat their snacks or just hang out with their friends. Again, decking is a great idea for these areas and is softer than paving or concrete.

Visitor Attractions

Many country parks and visitors attractions have pathways that need to be wheelchair friendly. Commercial decking makes a great, hard wearing floor covering that can be used anywhere and provides a stable base that is wheelchair feiendly. Not only does this help the less mobile visitors to enjoy the attraction, but it is great for families with prams and pushchairs too.

Some of these places use decking in the children’s playground to give the kids a safe path to run around on. Larger climbing toys often have decking floors on all levels so that children do not slip.


Plenty of shops have outdoor space too and decking can really improve these areas. It can provide a consistent level walkway for customers to get in and out of the shop or as a ramp over steps to make it easier for shoppers. Some shops even have areas of decking to show where specific departments start and end. Its a great way to make your shop or department stand out from the rest.


No matter what type of business you run, a good quality commercial deck installation can be a great asset. It provides easy access to customers or gives staff members a nice area to recharge their batteries. A deck is a great practical floor that has a multitude of commercial uses. You can even turn an attractive roof into a pleasant space for your team to have lunch. However, before moving forward with a rooftop deck, consult a local contractor to determine not only whether the building can support such a structure but also whether your council permits it.