Restoring a Deck / Decking Restoration

A new deck can look great and last a long time if you take care of it, but eventually even the best maintained deck will need some help to restore it to top condition. Hopefully these tips will help you fix any problems with your deck and make it look great in no time.

This video guides you on deck restoration so you can to transform an old weathered deck using the right products and techniques. Be inspired  It is quick and inexpensive to drastically improve the look of your old decking.

The first thing that needs doing is to repair or replace any damaged planks. If possible, repair the planks so that your deck does not have any new boards that do not match the existing deck. You will need to replace any boards that are rotten or too damaged to repair. After any repairs to the physical structure are finished you can work on the appearance of the deck. 

Twisted Boards

Over time, the boards can come loose and start to twist making the deck uneven. This often happens when the installer used nails to hold the planks down instead of screws. This is a simple matter to fix, but will be significantly easier with two people.

Start by pulling out all of the loose nails. Once the loose nails are free, one person holds it into position while the other uses screws to fasten it down. This will hold the boards down better than nails and prevent any recurrence. If the board will not easily straighten out, consider using your body weight to hold it into place while your partner fastens it down.

Problem Nails

Even if the nails are not loose, some might be sticking up slightly. Remove any nails that you can pull out and replace with larger nails or screws. If the nail is sticking up but it is not possible to pull it out, use a hammer and punch to countersink the nails into the boards.


Some areas of the deck might need sanding to remove any rough bits or any old stain that has bubbled or started to peel. An electric sander will make your decking restoration job significantly easier and quicker than doing it by hand.


After the repair to the structure is complete, it is time to clean it. Spray the deck with a solution of deck wash and brightener and then scrub it with a broom. The brushing and chemicals will work together to loosen any dirt that has accumulated on the boards. Leave the solution for about 15 minutes before using a pressure washer to wash off the chemicals and let it dry.

Once dry, you can repeat the process if you need to or move on to applying decking stain. Make sure that the deck is completely dry before you apply stain otherwise it will not penetrate properly. You can apply this evenly with a brush or a sprayer, just be sure to get every part of the deck. The stain should dry in a few hours, but it might be a day before you can put furniture on the deck. If you are using a sprayer make sure that you cover the surrounding area with plastic or sheeting first.