Decking Accessories

A flat deck can look great in any garden, but you can really make it stand out by adding some extra features to it. Some of these decking accessories will improve the appearance of your deck, some will add to it’s functionality and some will do both.

If there is a big step down to the ground level from your deck, then you will need to consider adding steps and other safety features. These will be particularly important if you have young children or older family members who could be hurt by a fall. Consider adding railings and look into anti slip decking or anti slip strips for your stairs.


Balustrades will make your deck look great and help to stop anyone falling over the side! They can also act as a partition to separate different areas of your garden. Most people choose to use plain balustrades and spindles that are made from the same wood as their deck. An alternative is to choose metal spindles which really make a great contrast to the wooden deck boards and handrails or consider perspex or glass panels.   Your decking provider should be able to show case a range of railings in different materials and budgets and advise you on what would be suitable for your project.

Deck Panels

If you deck is exposed to wind and/or is overlooked you should think about incorporating deck panels.   A variety of designs are available for these panels and any will make your deck look great.

Decking Shade

Decking Shade


If your deck design needs balustrades, then fitting posts will really finish it off nicely. These posts can be plain wood or more ornate designs. The posts are functional too and will help to support the handrails and balustrades. On top of each post you can add an ornate top to make it look even better.


If you have a deck that is on two, or more, levels or there is a drop to the ground then you might want to add some steps to make it easy for people to move safely between the levels. If you do have steps, then do not forget a handrail to make it safer for anyone that is unsteady on their feet.


Another great feature that you can add to a deck is a pergola, or shaded area. This is really useful if your garden is south facing and gets too hot in direct sunlight. Another option would be a canopy that you can pull out from your wall to shade your deck.


The same decking panels used to build your deck can also be used in the lower structure of a matching greenhouse. A greenhouse can be highly attractive and with matching decking materials used they can really blend in in an unobtrusive way.

Railway Sleepers

One great way to add a design feature to your garden is to recycle some old railway sleepers. You can use these weathered materials to add a border to your flowerbeds or to create a great edge to your deck. Another great way to make your deck standout from the rest is to use railway sleepers to form the steps between levels or down to the ground.

Remember to leave aside some of your decking budget for these important finishing touches.