Garden Decking

The garden is the place that most people associate with decking. A good quality deck can quickly create useable outdoor space to any garden, no matter how much it slopes. Most people see a deck as a little wooden area in the corner of the garden, but integrated properly it can be so much more than that.

A well-designed deck will add extra living space to your house and extend your home into your garden. It does not just have to be a basic wooden deck, you can use accessories to make it more elaborate or add features like seating, planters or a frame to provide shade. It is even possible to have several linked decks and use steps or ramps to join them all together.

Decking Design

Why not think about how much extra a good deck can add to your garden and home. With a good design, you will get a fantastic long-lasting garden feature that can give you many happy years of use. Do not just think about the basic structure and shape, but consider what accessories and design features you can use to improve the appearance of the deck.

Decking Timber

Curved Garden Decking Path

Curved Garden Decking Path

Once you have your final design then you can think about what materials to use to build it. The material you use will depend on your budget. Some hard-wearing hardwoods are great for commercial decks that get heavy use, but can be expensive. Softwoods are the most popular for domestic timber decks and are much cheaper as well as being easier to work with.

You might also want to consider the colour of the wood, although you can use decking stain to change the colour of the wood to one you prefer. Even if you use stain in the same colour as your wood it will protect your deck from the elements and keep it in pristine condition for years.


A nice simple deck will look great, but choosing the right accessories will really improve the appearance of the finished deck. Good quality balustrades and handrails will make it safe for anyone who is less mobile. You might also consider adding decorative panels which look great and also protect your privacy.  To go a step further you can adding lighting and music with weatherproof speakers.

Design Pointers
When you install a new deck try to make sure it blends in with any features in your garden that you are going to keep. If you can’t afford to replace old fencing choose a decking effect that will not look too ‘new’ or shiny. You can choose lighter deck board colours, stains or paints. Alternatively rather than replacing the fence with new fence panels you can simply repaint it so it looks new or more modern. If you have sections of stone or gravel make sure your deck board colour choice compliments rather than clashes. If you are totally redesigning your garden then make sure the wood that you use is the same across the design scheme or compliments each other.

The most successful decking designs blend into the garden beyond them. To do this simply soften the edges of your deck – incorporate curves or blend the deck into the lawn with gravel, seating or beds. Consider using deck boards to pave a section of your lawn or path so the areas flow into one another.

Extend decking into your path

Extend decking into your path and garden

Extend your Deck

One of the great things about garden decking is that there are no limits to size and shape. You can build one as simple or as complex as you desire. If you have a deck and want to extend it, just build your new deck and link the two together with a pathway or steps if they have different levels.

A garden deck is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to add a great looking patio area to your home. It will give you some great outside space that you and your family will enjoy using for years to come.